IB Program

Become an IB

Introduce your clients to SAFETRADE365 and earn generous commission on your clients’ trades.

Introducing Brokers (IBs) are companies or individuals across the globe who make money by submitting clients to SAFETRADE365. In return for referring clients to SAFETRADE365, our Introducing Brokers receive a commission.

Becoming an Introducing Broker can be the easiest method to increase your income, as there’s no cost to sign up. As an IB, you can work from anywhere, even promoting your services through a website.

You’ll also get complete 24/5 support and the best technology tools to observe your clients’ performance and needs. Earn the highest commissions and fees in the marketplace.

Turn your skills and contacts into profit.

  • Get a commission for every client you refer
  • Customized commission structures
  • Real-time performance reports
  • Intuitive interface

SAFETRADE365 has the custom solution best suited for you & your clients’ needs, making each new client a profit opportunity. Remember, there are always ways to earn profit in the forex market; if trading isn’t for you, then building your own IB business could offer a great opportunity.

Learn how to attract high-level clients, offer them education, training, and support, and share in their success. SAFETRADE365 gives you an all-in-one Back Office system so you can monitor your business and see what’s happening in real-time. Our cutting-edge technology, combined with generous compensation packages, makes the SAFETRADE365 IB program one of the best in the industry.

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