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Invest in the largest foreign exchange market in the world, with more than 90 pairs, major and exotic, with powerful trading tools and 24/5 live support. The Forex Market’s sheer size attracts a wide range of different participants, including Central Banks, Investment Managers, Hedge Funds, Corporations, Brokers, and Retail Traders – with 90% of those market participants being currency speculators!

Forex markets have 24 hours around the clock easy trading access with no commissions for 5 days a week. There is an opportunity in Forex to profit from wherever you are in the world and whichever currency pair you choose. Forex is possibly the most popular trading asset with online traders due to easy accessibility. This means that traders with full-time day jobs have ample opportunity also to trade and profit.

For everyone from beginner to experienced traders, the most significant advantage of trading Forex markets is that you only need an internet connection for your device (for any of our trading platforms) and your good to go. Specific Advantages with trading Forex markets with SAFETRADE365 is the availability of leverage trading.

Leverage in forex trading means you can increase the amount that you want to invest by using “borrowed” money from the broker. For example, if your broker provides you with a 1:500 leveraging ratio, this means with $1000, you can make an investment equivalent to $500,000 ($1000 x 500). It is only in the forex trading industry that a trader can increase his investment capital by a factor of several hundred times.

Going Short and Long both refer to the market position that a trader is taking. If the trader believes that the price of the currency pair is going to fall, he can make a “short” market position by selling the currency. The strategy if the price does fall, is that the trader can repurchase the money at a lower price and hence make a profit. The reverse is true when the trader decides to hold a “long” market position. Here, he will buy and keep the currency, hoping for the price to increase and then sell for a profit.

We also boast tight spreads and absolutely NO commissions.

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